Individual lessons

uroci_500x220 Besides the standard group lessons in the studio, we offer individual classes that are complied with your skills, objectives and the time that is convenient for you. You get all of the attention of a chosen by you instructor, focus on the details, rapidly achieve development and quality results. You acquire more information on the characteristic movements and stylistic characteristics of the dance. Individual lessons can be conducted for one person, for a pair or a group of people. This kind of lessons are suitable for everyone, who are about to attend a special event. Contact us for further information.

Choreography for special occasions

special_events_500x220 Choreography of a wedding dance that is specifically designed for the newlyweds and with chosen by themselves music. The preparation of the choreography is entirely consistent with the wishes, abilities and expectations of the couple. There is an individual approach to each couple. Contact us for further information.

Show programs and animation events

shows_500x220 For your team building, conference, private or corporate party, wedding, special event or another occasion we are pleased to offer original show programs and animation with professional and established dancers. You can contact us to discuss your wishes and preferences and to make your occasion memorable and unforgettable experience.
Contact us for further information.

Creating music mixes

music_500x220 If you experience difficulties with the selection of appropriate music or mixing, the studio offers up a musical mix that is fully consistent with your needs and requirements, as well as your choreography. We are open to help you interpret the music in an original way! Contact us for further information.