• MultiSport @ Latin Force

    MultiSport @ Latin Force

    Innovation in Latin Force Dance Studio!

    Hello friends!

    As you know, we are always trying to be modern, available and to obtain the latest tools and technologies. We are pleased to introduce our latest innovation, which will help you use our services every day without additional cost to you.

    Since 9.1.2016, the longer you can use your MultiSport card for all dancing styles and activities in Latin Force. For those who do not know yet – MultiSport map enables you to attend one of our classes every day of the month. If you do not have a another one, ask your employer about the possibilities to purchase it. With this card you can be checked far more quickly for your preferable classes, no waiting and you do not need a payment or using a credit or debit card terminal at the reception. This is done by a quick scan of your card with MultiSport reader available in our studio.

    Welcome to Latin Force each day now without additional costs and restrictions! We continue to take care of your dancing passion!

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