• TABATA – NEW group for BEGINNERS with Megy | 11.01.18

    TABATA – NEW group for BEGINNERS with Megy | 11.01.18

    Let’s start the new year with a new challenge – a new Tabata group for beginners with Megy, a certified bodybuilding instructor, HIIT and tabata!

    Do not hesitate to achieve the perfect look of an athlete – durable, functional, strong!

    Start: January 11, 2018
    Schedule: Thursday from 12:30 to 13:30h and Sunday from 14:00 to 15:00h
    Price: single visit – 8 leva, with a monthly card for 8 visits – 56 leva, free of charge with MultiSport card and Sodexo Sport Pass card.
    We are expecting you at: Hall 2 (Pliska) – Sofia, 12 Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd., former cinema Iztok (above Billa), opposite to Pliska.
    Map and pictures of the hall.

    We work out with comfortable clothing and a pair of clean shoes.

    Tabata is a training protocol and a form of highly intensive cardio (HIIT). The Tabata protocol is said to be one of the most effective methods of improving your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as burning fat. The tabata is a highly intensive workout of a total duration of 4 minutes, including an intense 20 seconds load, a 10 second break and it is a total of 8 rounds. This makes it a preferable choice by anyone who does not have time for a standard fitness workout but wants fast results and to be in a good shape. The tabata protocol consists of three elements: warm-up, interval training and cooldown (smooth ceasing of the protocol, very similar to the warm-up).

    If you would like you can join the Facebook event HERE 🙂

    For questions and more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at latinforcebg@gmail.com or call the following phone numbers:

    • +359 88 7437375 – Zahari
    • +359 88 8224163 – Ina



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