• SWING – NEW BEGINNERS groups with Lindy Hop Bulgaria |04.04.2017|

    SWING – NEW BEGINNERS groups with Lindy Hop Bulgaria |04.04.2017|

    On 04.04.2017 will begin an intensive swing dance course for beginners in the newly opened halls of Latin Force – Swinging Sofia. The professional instructors from Lindy Hop Bulgaria will work for you – the biggest swing dance school in Bulgaria!

    The lessons will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30h at Hall 3 (Pliska) – Sofia, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. 12 former East cinema (above Billa) opposite to Pliska.

    The Lindy Hop Courses have limited amount of available places. Taking into account the program and the capacity of the halls, limited number of pairs can enter. We will train following the rotational principle, meaning than during the dances the pairs will often change.  That is why it is important to keep the balance between leaders (gentlemen) and followers (ladies). The people who registered in pairs have priority. When a gentleman (leader) and a lady (follower) without partner register the pairs are formed on the following principle “first lady with first gentleman”. If we have more gentlemen or ladies registered that are left without a partner we will keep in touch and seek for a solution together.

    We would like to create comforting conditions for each of our groups and connect enthusiastic people full of positive energy and desire to dance, swingers.

    Duration of the course: 3 months (24 lessons, 60 minutes each)

    The cost of the whole course is 146 leva.
    If you choose to pay each month, the prices are:
    First month (8 classes) – 60 leva
    Second month (8 classes) – 48 leva
    Third month (8 classes) – 48 leva
    You can visit the classes with a MultiSport card.

    There are 2 large rooms 180 m2 dance area, 24 m. total length mirrors, professional sound system, multimedia projector and screen, wireless microphones, professional ventilation and air conditioning Fujitsu, Free Optical Wi-Fi – 50 Mbps, 3.40 m. ceiling height, changing rooms, three toilets, shower and modern interior at your disposal!

    For subscription, questions and more information contact us via e-mail: latinforcebg@gmail.com or call the following numbers:

    • +359 88 7437375 – Zahari
    • +359 88 8224163 – Ina




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