• SWING – NEW course for BEGINNERS  with Lindy Hop Bulgaria | 17.09.19

    SWING – NEW course for BEGINNERS with Lindy Hop Bulgaria | 17.09.19

    Swing – a dance that has a soul!

    The freedom is endless, the feet are fast, wear comfortable shoes and your good mood  and please feel welcome at Latin Force!

    An intensive course for beginners – Swinging Sofia starts on 17 September, suitable for everyone who wants to get to know swing dancing!
    Professional instructors from Lindy Hop Bulgaria will be working with you – this is the largest swing dance school in Bulgaria! The course is designed for absolute beginners and it aims to quickly give a full introduction to all participants about swing dancing. Developing and shaping the basics of the dance and teaching the basics of Lindy Hop and Charleston styles. Everyone who completes the course can feel free to improvise and use their swing figures during social dancing. Gain more knowledge about the swing dance history, swing music and the culture of the great time when these styles were created.

    We look forward to seeing you full of desire and enthusiasm and we will certainly walk this path together with you!

    Intensive Course for Beginners: Swinging Sofia – Lindy Hop Beginners
    Start: September 17, 2019
    Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 20:30 – 21:30h
    Duration: 3 months (24 classes, 60 min each) Please plan your time so that you don’t have to miss more than 2 classes per month.
    Price: 146 leva (payment in 3 installments – 60 leva, 48 leva, 48 leva), no extra charge for Sodexo Sport Pass card holders.
    Please note that the MultiSport cards cannot be used at this course!

    We will be waiting for you at Hall 3 (Pliska) – Sofia, 12 Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., former cinema Iztok (above Billa), opposite to Pliska. Map and pictures of the hall.

    We dance with comfortable clothing and a second pair of clean shoes. We recommend low heel shoes (e.g .trainers) and loose clothing.

    Lindy Hop Bulgaria courses will have limited access. Due to the tight schedule and the capacity of the halls, a limited number of pairs will be allowed at the course. The training will be on a rotational basis, which means that during the sessions the partners change regularly. Therefore, it is important to keep a balance between leaders (gentlemen) and followers (ladies). Priority is given to students who enrol in pairs. If a gentleman (leader) or a lady (follower) register without a partner, the couples are formed on the principle “first available gentleman with first available lady”. If more gentlemen or ladies have signed up, we will contact those to whom we cannot provide a partner and look for a solution together. We want to create the best conditions for each of our groups and to gather in one place enthusiastic, energised and willing to dance swingers. 🙂

    For registration you need to fill in the registration form HERE
    For questions and more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at latinforcebg@gmail.com or call the following phone numbers:

    • +359 88 7437375 – Zahari
    • +359 88 8224163 – Ina

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