• KIZOMBA – NEW groups with Stefan and Lilly | 10.10.22

    KIZOMBA – NEW groups with Stefan and Lilly | 10.10.22

    In the midst of the new Kizomba dance season, the magic returns to the halls of Latin Force with one of the most inspiring couples in the Kizomba community – Stefan and Lilly!

    Stefan and Lily are easily recognised by their own dance signature and innovative teaching methodology, and you will have the opportunity to join the two new groups with them at different levels: absolute beginners and intermediate.

    During the lessons, through specific exercises and based on the principle of developing new skills, the basic steps will be learned, as well as the principles of leading for gentlemen and following for ladies,  and the first phase of the dance’s musicality – rhythmicity, will be mastered. Special attention will be paid to creating a sense of unity – both within the couple and with the music. For this purpose, dancers will also gain basic knowledge of the Kizomba music styles, which would help with different dynamics and structure of the dance.

    Kizomba is an extremely sensual dance that originated in distant Angola, containing the lyrical Portuguese sounds and slightly wilder African rhythms. They say that in Kizomba everyone can find something for themselves, because it contains a little bit of many Latin dances such as the emotion of Tango, Bachata, Zouk and others. One extremely rich experience, a new dimension, a feeling of unity and trust!

    ✅ NEW GROUPS Halls 1 and VIP (Center): Sofia, 50 Tsar Samuil Str., 2nd floor.
    Map and pictures of the halls.

    ▫️New group for beginners Hall 1 (Center)
    Start: October 10, 2022
    Schedule: Monday and Thursday from 21:30 – 22:30h
    Suitable for: Absolute beginners 

    ▫️New intermediate level group VIP Hall (Center)
    Start: October 10, 2022
    Schedule: Monday and Thursday from 20:30 – 21:30h
    Suitable for: Dancers for at least 6 months.
    ❗️Spaces in this group are full!

    Price for a single visit – 10 leva, with a card for 4 visits – 38 leva, with a card for 8 visits – 72 leva. No extra charge with a MultiSport card. Latin Force cards are valid for 2 months.

    We dance with comfortable clothes and a second pair of clean shoes.

    For registration you need to fill in the registration form HERE
    For questions and more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at latinforcebg@gmail.com or call the following phone numbers:

    • +359 88 7437375 – Zahari
    • +359 88 8224163 – Ina

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