• ZOUK – NEW group for BEGINNERS with Emi and Serge | 29.09.19

    ZOUK – NEW group for BEGINNERS with Emi and Serge | 29.09.19

    Zouk – an extremely colourful social dance! Incredible softness and smooth movements, combining sensuality, flexibility and romance. You just can’t stop watching it!

    The beginning is already set! It’s time to continue growing the Zouk family at Latin Force!

    Welcome to the new beginners’ group with one of our most dedicated instructors – Serge and Emi! Discover the magic of the casual movements in this dance!

    During the classes, Serge and Emi will pay special attention to the emotions and the general feeling of the dance which are necessary to be able to dance using more complicated figures and to learn the choreography of the dance. You will find out more about the body movement in Zouk, basic steps, leading and following techniques.

    New Group for Beginners Hall 1 (Center)
    Start: September 29, 2019
    Schedule: Sunday from 19:30 – 20:30h
    Price: a single visit – 9 leva, with a monthly card for 4 visits – 32 leva, no extra charge with Sodexo Sport Pass and MultiSport cards.

    Address: Sofia, 50 Tzar Samuil Str., Fl. 2. The hall is located in the center of Sofia near Serdika metro station. Map and pictures of the hall.

    We dance with comfortable clothing and a second pair of clean shoes.

    Zouk is a type of music and a dance style that originated from the Caribbean in the early 1980s, and in particular the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The name comes from the Creole word Zouk, which they used to refer to evening dance parties. The specific music, with sensual melodic motifs and a strong beat, is reflected in the dance as an interesting combination between smooth, soft movements. Zouk is a social dance, which is danced in pairs, both in closed and open grip. Guiding is often done not only with the hands, but using the entire arms and back. A special characteristic of all types of Zouk is the specific movement of the lady’s head representing a whip.

    For registration you need to fill in the registration form HERE
    For questions and more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at latinforcebg@gmail.com or call the following phone numbers:

    • +359 88 7437375 – Zahari
    • +359 88 8224163 – Ina

    You can join the event at Facebook HERE

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